Citric Acid – 5 kg

Living in a city with hard water has its benefits, adding trace minerals to every glass of water and not having to transfer mineral deposits to the insides of my coffee machine by hand.

Really, who wants to spend the weekend pulling apart the boiler, tubes and valves of a coffee machine and painting them with a light layer of soluble minerals.

The downside of hard water is occasionally having to strip said soluble minerals from the inside of coffee machines.

My weapon of choice is citric acid. I have a few options for purchase
1. Local grocery stores in 75 gram tubes – running at $30 per kilogram,
2. For $16 I can have one kilogram posted to me… or two kilograms for $24-ish,
3. Or, for $33 I can have five kilograms!
As long as I keep it wrapped up (to reduce moisture absorption) it doesn’t go off… right?

A quick search comes across sites listing things to do with my surplus kilos of citric acid, but they’re also the sort of anti-technology “chemicals are scary” sites that promote paleo, raw, alkaline diets and crystal cancer treatments. I’m warming to the idea of a curated paid search/social media network.

First stop, see if my anyone from my local coffee clique is interested in a kilo.
Second step, pick up other ingredients to bulk out the 100kg of sherbet!

UPDATE 2019-04-10
If you ever need a cubic meter of frozen lemonade try “Lemonade” ice pops.
Concentrate: 400 grams of sugar + 30 grams citric acid – top up to 1 litre.
Dilute to one part in ten with water and freeze.

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